CUDOS, the cloud computing platform, was recently listed on the KuCoin platform. CUDOS is a complete multi-chain Layer 2 oracle network that connects blockchain projects to a distributed ecosystem where they can access computing power at lower rates.

CUDOS offers access to decentralized cloud computing

CUDOS is a multi-chain Layer 2 solution This is inexpensive and is regulated by smart contracts. By connecting the blockchain world with the Cudo platform, the CUDOS network increases the performance for DeFi and other popular blockchain use cases.

The CUDOS network and the CUDOS platform have been in development since 2017. Backed by a motivated team and a proven track record, the network managed to garner more than 150,000 users worldwide. Currently present in over 145 countries and 20,000 nodes worldwide, the team plans to expand its network with the KuCoin listing.

The intelligent contracts in the CUDOS platform offer access to …

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