DigitalOcean tests customer loyalty with a 20% price increase


DigitalOcean holdings (DOCN -3.02%) plays a different game than Amazon Web Services and the other giant cloud platforms. A small selection of core cloud computing products, simple pricing with no surprises, free support and resources, and an easy-to-use platform have attracted around 623,000 customers. AWS has become the default choice for many, but it’s often not the best choice for developers and small businesses.

DigitalOcean’s customers are small. monthly average revenue per customer was less than $70 last quarter. This number has increased over time as DigitalOcean launched and managed new products, including its app platform MongoDB databases. But it’s no exaggeration to say that DigitalOcean’s customer base will be a bit fickle, at least compared to companies that spend heavily on AWS.

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Higher prices are coming

While DigitalOcean isn’t known for being the absolute cheapest cloud computing option, value is a core…

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