The sessions covered new technologies, real digital transformation, good IT hygiene and building a good sales culture.

KASEYA CONNECT IT GLOBAL – Day two of Kaseyas The Connect IT Global event in Las Vegas kicked off with another rousing keynote from CEO Fred Voccola. Voccola covered a range of hot topics, from accelerating digital transformation, changing technologies and predictions for SMBs, to how integration is MSPs’ biggest lie. Fighting words, aren’t they?

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola on stage at Kaseya Connect IT Global 2021

Voccola also delved deeper into the trends and challenges that the pandemic has accelerated.

“Anything that keeps things going at the height of the pandemic – that was IT,” Voccola said. Everything that worked and was kept running was IT. “

Real digital transformation

In particular, COVID-19 accelerated the digital transformation for SMEs. This sector is rapidly becoming tech-first as SMEs continue to grow. They are spending more and more of their earnings on technology; most of their “next dollar” goes into technology investments. This is really good news for MSPs.

The challenges are still there, of course – no revolution is easy. There are very real risks and challenges, emphasized Voccola. The sheer amount of new and changing technologies, software kits, supplier relationships, and overall workloads that a technician must deal with is constantly increasing.

The next year is sure to be interesting.

The evolution of cybersecurity attacks

Channel Futures sat down with Blackpoint Cybers CEO and Founder, Jon Murchison. Murchison is a retired cybersecurity expert for the US Department of Defense and Intelligence, and Blackpoint works with some of the world’s leading MSPs. Former NSA deputy director Chris Inglis was actually a board member before joining the Biden administration as National Cyber ​​Director.

Murchison outlined the information asymmetry that plagues the cyber world. He also looked at the evolution of cybersecurity attacks on MSPs and where he sees threats emerging. For threat actors, MSPs are the perfect conduit to a plethora of networks in a variety of industries. Instead of targeting a single network or device, they can target many through an MSP.

MSP ransomware attacks and other cybersecurity attacks will happen almost every day. Just last week, the White House showed how seriously it takes these threats by sharing the US national and global cybersecurity position in the context of Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October.

Murchison also covered IT best practices that MSPs can establish for basic cybersecurity protection, what “next-generation” cybersecurity strategies look like, and true compliance.

“Too much compliance is just ticking the box,” Murchison said. “There has to be much more detailed feedback. Cybersecurity is only about the details; MSPs need pragmatic, real security. It forces people to plan ahead. “

Murchison also warned of the silk and snake oil approach to cybersecurity,

“Everyone seems to have slapped the MDR label on their old school stuff,” he said. “It’s a veil – very few companies do it really well. Companies need a concrete response plan. ”

How to Build a Sales Culture and Why You Should Care About It

Momentum Channel boss Ted Roller’s session explored why sales team building, sales process, and sales culture are important. The steps you need to take to get there can often be a headache, but Roller wanted to make it easy.

Zomentum Ted Roller Kaseya Connect IT Global 2021

Zomentums Ted Roller on stage at Kaseya Connect IT Global 2021

The main theme? You need to gain the trust of the people you are selling to.

“Sales and marketing discussions don’t have to be intrusive and manipulative,” says Roller. “Selling is service and the ultimate act of friendliness (quotes small business author Mike Michalowicz). The sales process doesn’t have to be painful; Just remember that your services add value. You’re actually doing your customers a disservice if you don’t tell them what you’re doing. “

Another important finding was the conversation with the inverted friend.

“Don’t fall into the trap of being a friend to your customers,” said Roller. “We owe it to them to be objective, not a friend.”

Stay tuned for updates and key insights from the third and final day of Connect IT Global 2021 If you missed the M&A insights from day one, Click here.

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