Sony released the car smashing game Destruction of AllStars exclusive to the PlayStation 5 on Tuesday, but it came with a very annoying feature: voice chat was in multiplayer matches enabled by defaultThis means that you may be exposed to the unfiltered commentary and background noise from your opponents. Worse still, it wasn’t immediately clear how to turn off voice chat.

On Friday, developer Lucid Games fixed the problem by releasing a hotfix for the game that disables voice chat in multiplayer lobbies by default (over Kotaku).

I jumped into a few matches with the hotfix installed to test things out and was greeted with glorious silence by my fellow players. However, it appears that there is currently no option for public voice chat at all. I couldn’t find a way to enable voice chat in the game menus. Before this patch, you could mute per-game voice chat using the PlayStation 5’s activity cards, and I didn’t see a way to enable voice chat from those either.

However, maybe at some point public voice chat will return as Lucid Games said it is “We are actively working on longer-term improvements to the voice communication system.” And if you want to play Destruction of AllStars with friends and voice chat with them should still work. I was able to chat with one Verge Colleague as part of a party that we made with no problems.

Here are the full patch notes::

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