Nearly a year after winning a $10 billion cloud computing contract from the NSA, it looks like Amazon may finally be allowed to provide the not-so-secret service for the security agency.

Last year, the NSA decided to hug cloud computing and move from storing its intelligence data locally to the cloud. To do this, it needed a capable partner and created a secretive $10 billion cloud computing contract. However, Amazon Web Services won the contract in July 2021 Microsoft lodged a protestwhich prevented it from being a secret contract and left the deal in limbo.

When Nextgov reports, the Government Accountability Office recommended that the NSA reconsider the proposals that both companies had submitted for the contract, which the NSA responded to. However, the end result is the same as Amazon was again chosen to provide the cloud service.

Amazon is clearly happy with the decision, as an AWS spokesman said: “We are honored that after thorough investigation, the NSA…

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