Despite known security issues, VPN usage continues to thrive


According to a new survey by Sapio Research, VPN usage is still widespread with 90% of security teams who cited cost, time and difficulty as reasons for not moving forward with ZTNA adoption. Also, 97% say so Introduction of a Zero Trust model is a priority as 93% of businesses have allocated a budget to upgrade their VPN or switch to ZTNA within the next year or two.

The last two years have changed the way we work, creating a new remote workforce that was essentially created overnight. As highlighted in this study, this has resulted in the majority of employees – in this case 51% of respondents – using a combination of corporate and personal devices to connect to business applications and resources.

Personal devices often used by less security-conscious family members. This creates a very risky environment, as personal devices are easy targets for attackers, especially as IT teams cannot fully monitor activity on those devices. Additionally,…

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