Demystifying Cyber: Raenesia Jones Passes It On To Young Black Girls


It will take a paradigm shift to defend our national security in the future. Women and people of color should be at the forefront of this effort. Demystifying cybersecurity, a #ShareTheMicInCyber ​​and MS. The magazine’s monthly series spotlights women in the #ShareTheMicInCyber ​​movement – highlighting the experiences of Black practitioners, providing a critical conversation about race in the cybersecurity industry, and shedding light on Black experts in their fields.

“More than ever before, many households in our society are run by women, and in some cases they are the only income earners,” said Raenesia Jones, analyst for cybersecurity operations. “The cybersecurity industry is enabling women to do meaningful work, maintain a work-life balance, and still earn a salary that allows them to care for their families without the traditional two-income household.” (Courtesy by Raenesia Jones)

Raenesia Jones is a Cybersecurity Operations Analyst. She works in the legal industry…

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