The professional service network Deloitte and the software company Teradata have teamed up to help customers migrate their local data management and analysis environments to the Teradata Vantage Multi-cloud data platform.

Deloitte, a systems integrator of choice for Vantage, will partner with Teradata to reduce the complexity of data migration and empower businesses with the advanced capabilities of the future in the cloud.

Ashish Verma, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting and Data and Analytics Modernization Lead, said, “The future of the enterprise business requires increased speed, agility and innovation, which are central to the capabilities of a cloud data analytics platform and a core part of Teradata’s Vantage platform who recognized them as an industry leader.

“Together with Teradata, we have developed a modernization strategy that enables new and existing Teradata customers to take advantage of the power of the cloud …

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