Bill Scannell explains the future of Dell-VMware, why Apex outperforms the public clouds, and cybersecurity

Bill Scannell, President and Global Sales Director of Dell Technologies, knows that Dell’s future with VMware will be bright and very prosperous after Dell’s spin-off of the virtualization and hybrid cloud software star later this year.

“There will be a lot of companies trying to FUD. to accomplish [fear, uncertainty, and doubt] in the market – we just won’t let that happen, ”Scannell, Dell’s president of global sales and customer operations, said in an interview with CRN. “I saw a list of our future results and products that we will bring to market in the coming weeks, quarters, and years. And everything is on the right track or ahead of it. “

The 35-year-old Dell EMC veteran also explains why Dell’s new Apex-as-a-Service …


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