In a pre-World War II structure where US Army officials once planned lines of attack, Michael Abboud’s company is building systems ready to fend off the next strike … against a far less tangible enemy.

TetherView’s war games are no different from those played years ago at Fort Monmouth’s historic Russell Hall, where the cybersecurity company is based. And in a new work-from-home environment, the battlefield requires new strategies.

From the headquarters of the military base, the company has just rolled out what is known as the Digital Bunker, a bespoke security solution that will hopefully solve some of the complications faced by companies that want to share all of their data with all employees everywhere.

Michael Abboud. (TetherView)

Abboud, the company’s CEO and founder in 2014, won’t deny that he has seen an influx of business from moving to remote working over the past year. Fear of more people accessing data from different, possibly …

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