Decrypting network traffic on the LAN and to the cloud: cybersecurity issues…


One of the uncomfortable truths of cybersecurity is that no single layer of protection is enough to shield an organization from every eventuality. In most cases not single combination of cybersecurity measures protect 100% of the time. That’s in direct contradiction to the tone of many security companies’ marketing materials, but seasoned cyber professionals know better than to take a vendor’s claims at face value: it’s just not worth the risk.

A proactive cybersecurity posture is dynamic, fairly vendor agnostic, leveraging available tools and specialty applications where they are most appropriate. When organizations want to examine traffic on their networks spanning private, public, and multi-cloud assets, encryption is the big stumbling block.

Encrypted data is so ubiquitous today that an unencrypted instance of a website or cloud-based service is enough to even…

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