After years of development, the team at Mysterium Network, a Decentralized VPN protocol & ecosystem, has announced that it will launch its mainnet on both the Ethereum and Polygon mainnets on Monday November 22nd. During the testnet, the Mysterium VPN app was downloaded 400,000 times, with over 114,000 monthly active users (MAU).

Mysterium is powered by a global peer-to-peer marketplace. Users rotate their devicessuch as Raspberry Pis or computers in nodes that act as miniature servers. These node runners can then sell their free internet resources such as bandwidth and IP address together. This creates a censorship-resistant layer on the Internet. Currently, 900TB of data traffic is provided every month and millions of P2P micropayments are made on the network every day.

“Our network is already being used by people around the world to circumvent the censorship, power outages and surveillance that they experience in their daily lives. But internet censorship is expected to only get worse …

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