Death Bell for the VPN? – Review of virtualization



Death Bell for the VPN?

Industry analysts, experts and IT professionals are ringing in Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) in companies – or at least becoming obsolete.

Though using VPN swollen At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in a remote work explosion, it soon emerged that VPNs were lacking in the security department. As we reported In August 2020, a VMware Carbon Black Global Incident Response Threat Report found that VPNs are a vulnerability: “With COVID-19, there is an increase in cyber attacks. Security teams struggle to keep up. 53 percent of the IR experts we surveyed met or observed an increase in cyber attacks that exploit COVID-19. They named remote access inefficiencies (52 percent), VPN vulnerabilities (45 percent), and staff shortages (36 percent) the top endpoint security challenges in this regard. ”



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