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Update 11/24/2021: The DDoS attacks mentioned in this article have now subsided.

Original article: Gamers are experiencing issues with Activision Blizzard’s, and according to Blizzard, the cause of the problem is an ongoing DDoS attack. is Activision Blizzard’s launcher that gives them access to Overwatch, Call of Duty: Warzone, Diablo, and other Blizzard online titles from the company. said on Twitter: “We are currently experiencing a DDoS attack that can cause high latency and disconnection for some players. We are actively working to alleviate this problem.”

A distributed denial of service attack occurs when an individual or group of individuals overwhelms a server with traffic requests, thereby affecting its ability to send and receive data. Blizzard has seen numerous DDoS attacks on its servers over the years, including high profile attacks on WoW: Classic shortly after its release.

Hopefully the company can fix the problem soon so that players can play against Activision Blizzard titles one time.

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