Earlier this year, Dbrand started selling matte black PS5 side plates called Darkplates, and when it did, it became baited Sony directly on the information page of the product to “Come on, sue us”. We got our hands on some and they look just as you expect it to be, which will make the sides of your PS5 black instead of white. They even have their own tongue-in-cheek attitude towards the PlayStation Icon Micro Texture.

However, as of Saturday, you will no longer be able to buy Darkplates as Dbrand took them off sale after (perhaps unsurprisingly) a cease and desist statement from Sony. (If you are currently visiting the Darkplates site, it will only display it a list of news articles, including from The edge).

Dbrand shared the letter with The edgethat we added at the end of the article. Sony alleges several complaints in the letter, including how the faceplates “replicate” SIEs. [Sony Interactive Entertainment] protected product design ”and with Dbrands versions of the PlayStation symbols. Dbrand says the letter was issued earlier this year but doesn’t include an exact schedule of when.

In the context of the letter, Sony called on Dbrand to “immediately and permanently discontinue all marketing and advertising for and worldwide sales of faceplates with the product configuration of the PS5 faceplates from SIE or a similar product configuration, including without limitation all current faceplates set “. for sale at dbrand.com. ”

Dbrand does not however, seem to agree to a permanent cease and desist statement. It says it will hold up for now.

Or more precisely: “We have decided to submit to the demands of the terrorists … for the moment,” writes Dbrand in this 1,666 word post on the company’s subreddit, one jam-packed with harsh words for Sony and even a couple of F-bombs. The company signs “speak soon,” which suggests it already has other plans.

Dbrand has a pleasant bit of whataboutism trying to put the blame on the popular Netflix show Squid game.
Image: Dbrand

This is not the first time Sony has threatened legal action over PS5 side panels. A company launched as PlateStation5 changed its name to CustomizeMyPlates and canceled and then refunded orders, allegedly after Sony threatened legal action, VGC reported in November. This company returned in January and is am selling his custom panels again.

One reason there is a market for side panels is likely because they aren’t all that difficult to remove from a PS5. In fact, Sony shows exactly how can you do that in its official console teardown.

The ease with which you can remove the panels from the PS5 not only makes it easier to access the interior of the console, but it could also indicate that other versions of the side panels may be released in the future. You can buy now red and black DualSense controllers and a black Pulse 3D audio headset is on the waysuggesting that Sony is at least experimenting with other color combinations for its accessories, so an official set of black side panels doesn’t seem impossible.

However, if you don’t want to wait for Sony, you have one less option for third-party side plates to choose from while dbrands aren’t out in the market.

Update October 16, 12:54 p.m. ET: Added information from a Dbrand post on Reddit.

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