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Robert (Bob) Petrocelli, Datto’s CTO, resigns after Kaseya acquires the MSP technology business. Ken Ringdahl, Datto’s senior vice president, now holds the technological reins.

Datto’s current SVP, Ken Ringdahl

Datto’s former CTO, Robert Petrocelli

date CTO Robert (Bob) Petrocelli has left the technology company MSP. He joins the former CEO Tim Weller as the first two CXOs to exit the business Kaseya has completed the $6.2 billion acquisition of Datto.

Petrocelli was listed on Datto’s website as a member of the executive team on June 22, 2022. His photo and biography have since been replaced by Ken Ringdahl, senior vice president of software development and infrastructure. Ringdahl joined Datto Veeam in December 2019.

Kaseya completed the acquisition of Datto on June 23, 2022. On that day, Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola pledged to drive investment, innovation, and integration—while reducing Datto’s list prices on new product purchases by an average of 10%. It’s difficult to measure whether or how the list price reductions are actually delivering savings for MSPs, but Kaseya points to one Find history of successful acquisitions and results from MSP partners here.

Meanwhile, Rob Rae, Datto’s senior VP of business development, was quoted alongside Voccola as the sale to Kaseya closed – a key step in reassuring MSPs that the buyer is committed to the partner’s continued success. ChannelE2E does not know if Rae has a long-term employment contract with Kaseya.

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