Data dog (DDOG Free Report) recently announced that it has a strategic partnership with. has been received Amazon‘S (AMZN Free report) Cloud Department Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As part of the agreement, Datadog and AWS will develop and deliver a closer product alignment in the future.

Datadog has previously proven its high level of specialization and acquired several AWS competencies as a trustworthy AWS partner. Some of the company’s existing AWS competencies include: ISV Competency for Microsoft Workloads, ISV Competency DevOps, ISV Competency for Government, ISV Competency for Containers, ISV Competency for Migration and Modernization.

The strategic collaboration aims to open a marketing and co-selling program between Amazon and Datadog that will open up new opportunities for consumers around the world.

Solid partner base promotes prospects

Datadog benefits from the increasing adoption of cloud-based monitoring and analysis …


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