Syntropy (formerly NOIA), developer of a secure, user-centric cloud stack over a unified layer that integrates encryption and optimized performance, today announced the launch of Syntropy VPN, a personal, private VPN that blames the user.

Traditional VPNs add an encryption overlay to the public internet, but there are downsides …

  • VPNs often degrade connection performance and the exact encryption method is not always known to users. Some VPN providers log, sell, and consume user data.
  • Ultimately when using a commercial VPN solution; Users need to trust them with their privacy and connection performance. since there is little control over the servers forwarding the traffic.

“With Syntropy VPN you can easily deploy and fully control the private VPN infrastructure anywhere in the world. All connections you make are fully encrypted with Wireguard, the fastest and most modern VPN protocol today. You can surf the internet without …

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