Israeli security startup Cycode, which specializes in helping companies secure their DevOps pipelines and prevent code tampering, announced today that it has received a Series A funding round of Has launched $ 20 million. Seed investor YL Ventures also participated in this round, bringing the company’s total funding to $ 24.6 million.

In its beginnings, Cycode concentrated exclusively on securing the source code. Thanks to the introduction of the infrastructure as code (IaC), the guidelines as code and similar processes, the scope of Cycode has been expanded. In this context, it should be noted that the Cycode tools are language and application-independent. To his tools, code is code.

“That all-as-code term offers an opportunity as the code repositories become a single source of truth about what the operation should look like and how everything should work,” said Cycode CTO and co-founder Ronin Slavin. “If we look at this and understand it – the next phase …

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