Cybersecurity firm Mandiant uncovers an elaborate espionage campaign


government officials warn Defense contractors and other organizations handling sensitive information about a potential new espionage campaign uncovered Thursday by cybersecurity firm Mandiant.

Driving the news: A sophisticated, unknown hacker group has developed a new malware that allows them to install backdoors in and out of a system running on VMware’s virtualization software a two-part Mandiant report.

Details: Hackers targeted the so-called “hypervisors,” which allow a physical computer to create and manage multiple virtual machines on top of VMware’s virtualization software. Typically, endpoint security tools cannot reach these hypervisors, making malicious code difficult to detect.

  • Researchers discovered the backdoors in fewer than 10 victim networks in North America and Asia earlier this year.
  • Once installed, hackers can monitor and run commands on any computer managed by the VMware tool.
  • Mandiant researchers have not yet fully identified the hackers behind the campaign, but…

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