WASHINGTON, July 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CyberSecure IPS VP of Innovation, Bobby Nakanelua, was named by InterCon as one of the 100 best innovators & influencers in technology 2021 25th June, in the Las Vegas, Nevada, for his exceptional work in the field of cyber-physical security.

The InterCon nomination process takes into account the overall impact on the technology industry, the integration of services / products in the technology sector and the general spirit of innovation. Nakanelua is known throughout the industry for its track record of innovative product development in the field of cyber-physical IT security, as evidenced by CyberSecure’s growing portfolio of patent authors.

Nakanelua leads CyberSecure IPS ‘innovation team, which works closely with customers to bring new skills to life. This team recently developed several security detection technologies for cyber-physical protection and critical infrastructure management, which ultimately resulted in several USPTO patents for new detection algorithms and systems that …

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