A new post on GameFAQs, apparently shared by a CDPR rep, reveals the chaos behind the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077 Experienced a rough start Last year, that was completely unexpected for fans of the game, especially those who tried to play it on last-generation consoles. Shortly after launch, CD Projekt RED apologized for the game’s poor performance on consoles and promised to fix most of the technical issues by the end of February this year. However, it seems that the game’s problems are much more than some flaws.

Recently a user called JoeBuck80 shared a new post about GameFAQs Uncovering the chaotic situation behind the development process of Cyberpunk 2077. Before we go into details, we recommend that you take all of the following information with a grain of salt as none of them have been officially endorsed by CD Projekt RED or an authorized member of the company.

According to the post, Cyberpunk 2077 should be on a much larger scale than its current status in the case of history, gameplay, and even world design. In order to launch the game in 2020, high-ranking members of CD Projekt RED have forced the developers to remove a lot of content from the game, including those that have already been promised to be delivered marketing the game. Except for the content that developers had to remove due to touching sensitive topics.

Apparently, the company’s top managers and foreign investors intervened in the development process and tried to enforce their vision against the vision of developers in game design. For example, the post refers to a quest that has been rewritten more than a dozen times since a senior member of the company didn’t feel it. The quest could finally find its way to the game in the DLC after the start.

Additionally, the post shows that Keanu Reeves wasn’t the developers’ first choice to play Johnny Silverhand. Apparently, Johnny Silverhand had a much crazier and cooler personality than his current state, and the developers thought of Cilian Morphy as the voice actor for the role.

As revealed Cyberpunk 2077 They used to have a longer history, deeper transportation system, and a detailed manhunt system with NCPD, but the developers had to cut the content as they didn’t have enough time to deal with technical issues with these systems and missions.

That being said, it seems Cyberpunk 2077 should follow the policy with which Hello Games followed Nobody’s heaven. Apparently a lot of the cut content is being added to the game June 2021The support will then continue by launching the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions and finally providing the multiplayer area.

Cyberpunk 2077 is currently for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Stadia and PC available. You can read Otto’s review from Cyberpunk 2077 Here.

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