Have you always wanted a PC case that can breathe? At the CES, CyberPowerPC presents a desktop case that automatically opens and closes the ventilation slots on the case. The effect makes the pc seem almost alive as it cools down and introduces more air.

“Instead of simply adding more airflow, we wanted an enclosure that dynamically provides the appropriate airflow for the respective situation in real time,” said Nam Hoang, Creative Director of CyberPowerPC, in a video about the product.

The result is the Kinetic series chassis, which is equipped with 18 triangular, self-moving vents. When the internal temperature of the PC warms up, the case automatically opens the ventilation slots to allow more air circulation. As soon as the temperatures drop, the ventilation slots close and dampen the fan noise and the possible dust pick-up.

(Photo: CyberPowerPC)

When designing the case, CyberPowerPC was inspired by the kinetic architecture, which focuses on the development of components that can physically move or change. However, its ventilation system works beyond simply opening and closing. Instead, every single vent can subtly adjust in real time to “every single degree of temperature change,” said Hoang.

“It senses the environment and is constantly contracting and expanding to adapt to the situation with micro-adjustments,” he added. “Our Kinetic series is not about maximum airflow, but intelligent airflow.”

Kinetic case

(Photo: CyberPowerPC)

CyberPowerPC plans to sell the chassis in the third quarter of 2022. However, the first units are only sold as prefabricated PC systems that are already equipped with parts. “Initially, it will be complete systems, and later also the stand-alone housing for around 250 US dollars,” the company told PCMag.

Hoang also noted that the chassis is the first generation Kinetic series product from CyberPowerPC, so you can expect the company to expand the concept in the years to come.

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