Although today’s VPNs are highly polished applications, it is not uncommon for an error to occur from time to time. However, the most frustrating errors are those with no associated code (s), just like CyberGhost’s “Service Not Reachable” error that is known to occur on Android. Note, however, that we are here to offer 6 troubleshooting tips on how to fix CyberGhost VPN Service Unreachable Error on Android, which you can find right below.

1. Is your web connection working properly?

First of all, we recommend checking that your web connection is working as it should. CyberGhost VPN may not be reachable on your Android device if there is a problem with your underlying internet connection.

With this in mind, we recommend closing the CyberGhost VPN app on your Android device. Then use any web browser to go to any website. Alternatively, you can do a speed test Your connection and see if there are any problems sending or receiving data.


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