SINGAPORE – In the past year, more people in Singapore have fallen victim to cybercriminals, for example by hacking their online accounts, according to a new government survey.

And although more and more people are now aware of the dangers and consequences of cyber attacks, such as ransomware, which locks their files until they pay the hackers, many still believe that they are unlikely to become victims themselves.

Almost four in ten people here, or 37 percent, said they had been the victim of at least one cyber security incident in the past year, according to the Cyber ​​Security Awareness Survey published by the Cyber ​​Security Agency of Singapore on Monday (June 28) (CSA) shows.

That’s an increase of nearly three out of ten or 28 percent in 2019.

The top three cyber incidents reported by respondents were: unauthorized attempts to access their online accounts; that their accounts are used by hackers to contact other people; and get banned from their online accounts or files by …

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