Attackers will inevitably penetrate your defenses. The question is how effectively and quickly do your current security and response strategies work under attack.

One preparation option is to turn military wargames into cybersecurity tabletop exercises. While cyberwar games are not a new concept, they are not yet widespread.

What is a cybersecurity tabletop exercise?

Cyberwar games are designed to show in real time how a company would defend and respond to an attack. Red teams use the same tools attackers use to identify weaknesses in an organization’s security strategy. The blue team, meanwhile, works to prevent a successful red team incursion from going deep into a system.

However, these tabletop exercises are about more than just penetration testing and trying out attack methods.

“Since the goal isn’t the same as a vulnerability scanner or a penetration test, it won’t be the same; You won’t get the same kind of…

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