Cyber ​​security trends to watch for MSPs in 2022


When the curtain fell in 2021, our friends from Norton got one List of 115 cybersecurity statistics and trends to know.

author: Adi Pick, SEO Content Marketing Manager, Atera

But what is in store for MSPs entering the cybersecurity market? We’ve rounded up 10 of the most relevant cyber stats for individuals and SMBs in 2022 so you can show some love for your IT vendor and make sure you and your loved ones have a happy and cybersecurity year!

1. Over 75% of targeted cyberattacks start with an email

That’s right, as much as you would like to believe this email telling you that you’ve just won, or just won, an all-inclusive cruise to the Bahamas The Nigerian prince is begging For just a few dollars (and maybe your bank account information) you should proceed with caution.

In the unfortunate event that you receive this type of email, no matter how sad (and believable) their story is, don’t send them money or give them banking details …


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