Cudos mainnet launch: important milestone for cloud and blockchain


The much-anticipated Cudos mainnet is live now! The UK-based decentralized computing network brings together cloud computing and blockchain in an open, multi-tiered ecosystem that promises to advance the deployment of dApps on a fully decentralized computing architecture. Cudos, a potentially disruptive project, aims to go beyond peer-peer file storage by recycling computer hardware at rest around the world and delivering green cloud resources as a service over a blockchain.

The Cudos ecosystem envisions a scalable platform that drives the creation and deployment of diverse Web3 solutions by combining a highly secure blockchain with globally distributed computing hardware to address current and future technological and environmental issues. A prominent criticism of the broader Web3 industry has been its reliance on centralized entities for data storage, with critics highlighting some of the potential risks such as insecurity and unreliability of centralized hubs. Praise…

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