Havana, July 14th (EFE) .- The mobile internet connection in Cuba is still down three days after the protests, although a minority have restored the data service and some young people are using VPN platforms and clever tricks to gain access to the network .

As of Wednesday, the majority of Cubans did not have access to the Internet on their cell phones, which in practice represents an almost complete blackout as a small minority of households on the island can afford a WiFi connection.

Against this background, citizens – especially young people – from all over the country are resorting to VPN services – such as Psiphon or Thunder – and tricks to bypass censorship and access mobile 3G and 4G data networks controlled by the state telecommunications monopoly Etecsa become.

“You have to activate the data and then the VPN and put it in the US region, then put the phone on airplane mode for 5 seconds and when you remove it it connects,” a 26 year old woman …

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