Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunions PS5, PS4 Remaster is stunning


Well that is remarkable! Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion was announced overnight as a remaster of the classic PSP game – but it’s only now that we’re beginning to realize just how much of an upgrade it is. The original was obviously limited by the capabilities of Sony’s portable console, but what’s on display here stands on the precipice of a remake.

Well, it’s obviously the same game at the end of the day – slots and all. But the upgrade is absolute insane: It’s so much more than a handheld port with higher resolutions, new textures, lighting and even artistic tweaks. The developer even tinkered with the original CGI cutscenes and changed the Buster Sword’s appearance to match the one in it Final Fantasy VII Remake.

As for the actual gameplay, the UI has been redesigned and the camera has been changed for better control. It really is an incredible glow! Did this comparison hype you even more for the upcoming reunion or were you already there? Spin the wheel in the comments section below.

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