Does Michael Dell want to be Intel’s largest shareholder? Maybe, just maybe. And there could be an interesting twist if VMware is spun off to the shareholders of Dell (the company) and Dell (the man) becomes the largest shareholder in VMware with approximately 42 percent stake. Imagine, Pat Gelsinger, former head of Intel Data Center Group and recently former head of VMware and now current chief executive officer at Intel, wants to run virtual CPUs and virtual network ASICs as many times as he wants to run physical CPUs and physical switch ASICs.

Indeed, imagine if Intel decides to buy back VMware from Wall Street to create a physical and virtual powerhouse.

This is what an intrepid reader of The next platform suggested us and said we should do some game theory simulations on this idea. And when we stopped laughing we thought: Why not remember Intel is buying VMware?? It might be more like a chaos theory, but here …

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