BENGALURU: The rise in Covid-19 in India has slowed at least part of the development of VMware’s desktop hypervisors. The company said many of its India-based engineers who are part of the user interface and quality teams involved in a project to deploy virtual machines (VMs) on Apple Silicon Macs have been affected by the virus.
VMware announced in November that it would provide VMs on Apple devices that use their own processors. “In terms of staff, we have a large part of our dedicated UI and quality teams in India, and given the current situation in Covid-19, many of our engineers are affected in one way or another. Together, we’re doing our best to help internally and externally, ”said Michael Roy, product line manager for desktop hypervisor products such as VMware Fusion and Workstation, in a blog post.
Coronavirus: live updates
VMware employs nearly 7,000 people in India, the second largest location after Palo Alto. It is…


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