Last year, the security sector in Singapore had to adjust to the disruption caused by the pandemic.

While the move to a more technology-based and underperforming operating environment would have happened at some point, Covid-19 has accelerated it.

Nelson Tee, President of the Singapore Security Systems Association, told The Straits Times: “The Covid-19 pandemic has been a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of new technologies. Without Covid-19, change would still happen, but more slowly Tempo.”

Where previously two or three officers manned a condominium security post, one is the norm today.

Booking requests and online pre-registrations for condominium visitors provide convenience and less attention for both visitors and security officers, Tee said.

Foreign workers returning to their dormitories go through automated temperature checking portals and personnel identification monitored by a security officer.

The change in the security landscape came at a time …

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