Couchbase Inc. joins the hosted database-as-a-service game with the introduction of Couchbase Capella on the cloud platform of Amazon Web Services Inc.

Couchbase Capella is a fully managed and automated version of Couchbase Server. This is a popular NoSQL database used for modern enterprise applications.

In contrast to conventional databases, which can hold either structured or unstructured data, Couchbase’s software can process both types at the same time. It also acts as a data cache, meaning companies can achieve what used to take three with one system.

Unsurprisingly, one of the main benefits of Couchbase is its lower total cost of ownership. It also simplifies the work of administrators and developers as they have fewer databases to run to keep applications running.

With the integration of Couchbase with AWS, customers’ lives just got easier. The benefits of accessing Couchbase as a service include easy deployment with just a few clicks and a …


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