Costco members can now order the Xbox Series X (update: sold out)


Update 12:26 p.m. ET, December 28: Costco has sold out the consoles for the time being.

The Xbox Series X console is still hard to come by, and with the holidays approaching, the window of opportunity to get one on time is getting smaller and smaller. Lots of retailers have turned to. agile recharge for the chance just to buy a console through subscription-based memberships, a game Costco has played from the start. The warehouse retailer has received its fair share of console replenishments and today has Microsoft’s flagship console available to its members.

You can order that Xbox Series X from Costco now or the Halo editionif it’s available in your area) which is only sold as a bundle with an additional controller (if logged in you can add it directly to your cart by clicking here). You need a paid Costco membership to order this, which you can get here on the dealer page for at least $ 60 per year. While some video games and accessories can be purchased online at Costco by non-members for an additional fee, consoles are for members only.

These refills at Costco often sell out quickly. So if you can’t make it this time, the next time you should prepare your account for success by saving your billing and shipping information to your account. Also make sure that subscribe to our Marginal offers Newsletter to get the latest tech offerings straight to your inbox from our team.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship console and its most powerful (and largest) option. While the Series S is geared towards fluid 1440p performance and takes a disc-less approach, the $ 500 Series X focuses on fast-paced 4K gameplay.

Xbox accessories and games for your console

Xbox wireless controller

Microsoft’s latest Xbox controller has a Share button and a USB-C charging port if you opt for the optional battery.

Xbox wireless headset

Thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Headset, which is often used for $ 89 instead of the full $ 100. In our review, we found it to be a comfortable, intuitively designed headset that is well worth the price. Not only does it work well with Xbox consoles, but it can also be connected to another device via Bluetooth at the same time.

Forza Horizon 5 (Xbox, physical)

Forza Horizon 5 is the latest in the long-running open world racing game developed by Playground Games. It’s an Xbox exclusive title that is playable on both Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One consoles. The new episode takes place in a lushly detailed landscape in Mexico and offers over 500 cars at the start.

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