The world economy suddenly runs out of everything

(Bloomberg) – A year ago, when the pandemic devastated land for land and economies, consumers were the ones to buy in a panic. Today, on the recovery path, companies are furiously trying to stock up. Mattress makers, automakers, and aluminum foil makers are buying more material than they need to survive the breakneck speed at which demand for goods is recovering and allay that primordial fear of leakage. The frenzy is pushing supply chains to the brink of gripping. Bottlenecks, transportation bottlenecks and price spikes are nearing their highest levels in recent times, raising concerns that a charged global economy will drive inflation. Copper, iron ore and steel. Corn, coffee, wheat and soybeans. Sawn timber, semiconductors, plastic and cardboard for packaging. The world seems so low. “You name it and we have a shortage of it,” said Tom Linebarger, chairman and chief executive officer of …

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