In one blog entryThe iOS virtualization company Corellium has announced that it will no longer offer virtual iOS-based devices for individual accounts. Previously, the company only supported iPhone and iPad virtual devices for its enterprise customers.

The company states that the unit prices are the same as the company’s and are charged per CPU cores required to run the virtual appliance. According to Corellium, up to 6 CPU cores can be required for iOS devices.

One of the questions we faced when we rolled out iOS-based device models for individual accounts was how to keep pricing simple. While our virtual Android devices use 2 CPU cores by default, iOS devices can require up to 6 CPU cores depending on the model. As a result, we couldn’t offer a single price per virtual device anymore. Instead, individual subscriptions now follow the same pricing structure as corporate accounts, with prices per CPU core. Customers will see prices stay the same for individual subscriptions, but prices …

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