SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL / KMSS) – An LGBTQ activist said Thursday Governor John Bel Edwards’ transgender law was “cruel and unnecessary.”

Adrienne Critcher, politics and communications director for People Acting for Change and Equality, said there has not been a single case of high school students in Louisiana feeling unsafe with transgender people playing sports on girls’ sports teams.

“There is already a general ban on trans young people doing competitive sports in high school. They are not allowed to do this due to the guidelines of the Louisiana High School Sports Association. So we’re really only talking about our middle school kids’ elementary school, ”Critcher said.

Edwards has vetoed a bill known as the Women’s Sports Fairness Act that bans transgender girls and women from participating in sports teams or sporting events for girls or women in elementary, secondary and secondary schools.

It was no surprise when Edwards vetoed the law – he called the law discriminatory when filing it.

Controversy has been brewing among state lawmakers since Edwards vetoed the law on June 22, and Oil City State Representative Danny McCormick (R-Dist. 1`) has been vehemently in favor of an override.

“(A) Biological men competing against a girl have a biological advantage, so it wouldn’t be fair,” he said.

Edwards countered, however, that the law was wrongly targeting some of Louisiana’s most vulnerable residents.

“Discrimination is not a value in Louisiana, and this bill was a solution to a problem that just doesn’t exist in Louisiana,” Edwards said in a statement.

However, McCormick said he and other lawmakers plan to override Edwards’ veto, adding that he is confident they will succeed.

“We just want to preserve the fact that we’ve tried for years to get our girls to play sports so they can compete against other girls,” he said.

Critcher, meanwhile, said if Edwards’ veto is overridden, the state will lose millions of dollars to a basketball tournament.

“The NCAA plans to hold a National Basketball Final Four tournament in New Orleans next year. You have already said that you will not go to discriminatory states. You would see this as a discriminatory bill. “

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