In today’s world, the internet is almost as necessary as the air we breathe. With everything going digital now, it’s important to always stay connected whether you’re staying at home or going out. For this reason, public WiFi is being set up almost everywhere so that people can easily access the Internet when they need it.

True to its purpose, it has been very helpful especially for those who need to send an urgent file at the gym or someone who wants to see a live video but is still in the middle of grocery shopping. However, this convenience comes at a price; and most of the time the price includes the online privacy risk.

Public Internet Connection Threats

Public networks are unsecured networks and therefore most of these connections are free. Because it’s open to everyone, it’s easier for hackers and other third-party agents to break into people’s private information, including personal profiles and passwords. When a user connects to an unsecured …

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