Congressional action will secure new medical devices, but what about legacy assets?


Securing medical devices is one of the biggest challenges in healthcare. The landscape will improve in the future if ongoing Congressional efforts are successful, but more is needed to solve the ancient engineering puzzle. (Image credit: “USDAgov’s “20190625-RD-PJK-1743_TONED” is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.)

Feedback from healthcare security leaders on the proposed Protecting and Transforming Cyber ​​Health Care (PATCH) Act and updates to the FDA’s cybersecurity guidelines for medical devices has been overwhelmingly positive, with the vast majority of stakeholders praising efforts to secure newly introduced devices.

At the ViVE and RSA conferences, the medical device safety sessions were eagerly awaiting the proposed amendment to require manufacturers to add software bills of materials (SOMBs) to new devices. And this week, the American Hospital Association announced its support for the PATCH Act because it treats device safety like the patient safety issue.

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