Concepts and Entities Used for EPA in nFactor Authentication Through NetScaler


nFactor is the next generation authentication framework that offers great flexibility in configuring authentication flows for users. nFactor allows for extensible authentication models thus offering clean separation of workflows. This framework could be used to configure all the authentication modes currently possible with Citrix NetScaler.

This article describes a new capability of nFactor – End Point Analysis (EPA). Prior to 12.0 version of NetScaler, nFactor supported all authentication mechanisms such as LDAP, RADIUS, SAML, Kerberos etc. However, EPA was not supported. It was configured at Gateway virtual server and was not accessible to nFactor system.

EPA in classic authentication system was not conditional. This forced creation of multiple virtual servers to handle various clients. More information about advantages of EPA in nFactor is beyond the scope of this article.

With 12.0 version of NetScaler, EPA is blended into the authentication framework thereby making EPA a…

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