ConceptsiPhone and Khahn Design teamed up on the project and came up with a beautiful new design for the iMac if Apple would do what they put together. As explained in the description of the video, the concept is based on a combination of Apple products. The stand is comparable to that Pro display XDRthe monitor looks like a huge one iPad Proand the colors are reminiscent of that iPad Air align.

In this iMac we used some design elements for the Apple XDR Display and the Apple Mac Pro. The design language and colors follow the iPad Air and Pro design. This device has the same size as the Apple high-end display, but a cheaper stand and case version. We made it in two sizes using the Apple Silicon processor.

Rumors have surfaced lately that Apple might surprise us all with new iMacs at its event tomorrow. The new desktop, which has been slated to be redesigned for years, is expected to look more like an iPad design and feature the company’s new Apple silicon processors.

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As exciting as new iMacs are, new iPad professionals and the long rumor AirTags are still the safest bet as to what to expect at tomorrow’s event. If you really wanted to stretch it out there is rumble from new AirPods and even Apple Podcasts +.

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