For some people, life just kind of happens. For others, there sure seems to be some divine guidance — and maybe a little grandparently influence — in the direction they go.

Such is the case for Jeff and Lea Brooks, Salvation Army lieutenants who serve at the ministry in Mount Airy.

The couple have served in Mount Airy for a little more than three years, having come to the local Salvation Army post in June 2017. Their family has also grown along the way, with 2-year-old Jeffrey and another child on the way, due this autumn.

The two met while in college at Mars Hill University, not far from Asheville, where their desire to serve was quickly evident. In fact, each was attending the college on a Bonner Scholarship from the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation. Similar to many scholarship programs, it is based on demonstrated merit of the…

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