Tips for Managing VDI, Part 2: Best Practices for Components

in one previous article I’ve looked at what’s happened over the past two years in terms of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), how remote work has taken off, and what VDI is. In this article, I’ll go over specific components and some best practices around them.

In most cases, the VDI client is the only hardware that an end user interacts with. To make things a whole lot easier, a VDI client acts as a display for a virtual desktop, directing a remote user’s keyboard and mouse interactions to it. When VDI first came out, we had a slide showing the client with a long cable, a very long cable, plugged into a virtual machine to explain that.

In reality, VDI is much more complicated. We need a highly optimized protocol to hand off the desktop to the client and only update the parts of the screen…

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