Virtualization is the process of using a hypervisor (virtualization software) to make more efficient use of computer hardware resources by assigning those resources to virtual instances known as virtual machines (VMs). A VM is a tightly isolated software container that consists of an independent operating system (OS) and an application.

You can run multiple VMs and (of course) multiple operating systems and applications on a single server. Hypervisors dynamically allocate resources to VMs as needed, ensuring and encouraging full utilization of computing resources. Thanks to virtualization, companies can use hardware resources better and be economical in the long term.

Virtualization offers several advantages. These include:

  • You can make copies of a VM state. This ensures that development is not put on hold. This also minimizes downtime in the event of operating system and / or application crashes.
  • Virtualization enables higher resource efficiency and thus cost efficiency.
  • You…

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