Just hours before Apples Unleashed event, the internet is booming Rumors of a MacBook Pro notch.

Some alleged leaks suggest that like an iPhone, the new 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro will also have a notch in the top-center of the display. This snippet would house the FaceTime camera and ambient light sensors, but Face ID biometrics is not expected.

Many say how awful that would be, but my view is a little different …

The basis of the rumor, if you excuse the pun, is a little thin. It’s one possible interpretation of a leaked component and API, and it’s been retried by a leaker with a decent track record – but it’s not clear whether DuanRuis tweet it was a joke.

Some are deeply unhappy with the idea. TNW‘s Callum Booth replied in an article titled “I’ll razor Cupertino if the new MacBook Pro gets a notch.”

The whole saga is amazing. I can’t see the benefit of a notch. Overall a little more screen space? But at the expense of a terrible bump protruding into the display? And a lot of software is flawed? Or do you need a redesign?

Many commentators expressed similar views.

“If the MacBook gets a notch, I’ll eat my words, seal my wallet, and stop developing apps for Apple platforms.”

“If that’s true, it’ll be a hideous looking screen.”

“If that’s true, I’ll never buy an Apple product again.”

“I seriously doubt it, but if it’s true it looks hideous!”

Let us first come to the practical questions. Yes, it could destroy full screen apps. But that would be an easy solution. Full screen apps already offer the option to run them with or without a menu bar, so one would just force them into menu bar mode.

Second, intrusion into the menu bar area. Again, this is a simple solution. The API that helped the speculation could solve menu item problems for apps, and the same could be true for menu bar icons. In fact, I’d risk that the relatively few people who have enough menu bar items to cross the center of the screen are probably already using them barman to keep it manageable. Apple could buy the app or Sherlock.

Vertically, it is extremely unlikely that a notch will extend past the menu bar, so the technical side really isn’t a problem.

That leaves the aesthetics. But I don’t see that as a problem here either. Offer an option to make the menu bar black and we wouldn’t even notice. I’ve lived with a notch on my iPhones too since 2017, and I’ve never found it problematic.

But the reason I say it could be good news is this: just think how thin MacBook Pro bezels would have to be in 2021 to need a notch! The answer is crazy thin.

If Apple can do that, I’d be happy. Far from creating a bad aesthetic experience, the super thin bezels that require it would be a fantastic aesthetic experience, not to mention how much smaller the MacBook Pro footprint could be with such thin bezels. A notch would be a price worth paying.

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