For better or for worse, security cameras are an essential part of monitoring rooms in the workplace for security or operational reasons. Now a startup is coming out of disguise by funding technology designed to make the video produced by these cameras more useful. Spot AI has developed a software platform that “reads” the video material – regardless of the type or quality of camera it was created with – and makes the video produced by these cameras searchable by anyone who needs it, both in the form of words as well as the type of images in the frames captured by the cameras.

Spot AI has been quietly growing its technology and customer base since 2018 and already has hundreds of customers and thousands of users. Notably, its customers reach far beyond technology early adopters, from SpaceX to Cheeseman, Mixt, and Northland Cold Storage.

Now that Spot AI is releasing its product more widely, it has announced $ 22 million in funding, a …

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