Colonial Pipeline, the operator of the largest U.S. fuel pipeline, announced Wednesday that it will resume operations after being shut down for five days due to a cyberattack.

The company shut down all operations on Friday after its financial computer networks were infected by a Russian-affiliated gang of hackers called DarkSide, fearing the hackers could also spread to the industrial establishment.

The shutdown resulted in widespread fuel shortages and temporary price spikes. The US saw the problem as serious enough to issue an emergency decree easing restrictions on drivers transporting fuel in the affected states.

“Colonial Pipeline commenced pipeline operations today at around 5 p.m. ET,” said a statement on its website. “After this restart, it will take a few days for the supply chain for product delivery to return to normal.”

Jennifer Granholm, the US Secretary of Energy, tweeted that she had spoken to the CEO of Colonial about the restart.

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