CNCF accepts KubeVirt as an incubation project


Recently, the CNCF promoted KubeVirt from the sandbox to incubation project level. KubeVirt allows users to run virtual machine workloads on top of Kubernetes in a Kubernetes-native manner.

KubeVirt can enable the migration of legacy applications by supporting the creation of new applications with virtualization requirements. Currently, production-level KubeVirt-based solutions are deployed at several organizations, including poor, CIVO, CoreWeave, H3Cand Kubermatic.

KubeVirt now supports live migration capabilities to keep virtual workloads alive when the underlying compute nodes are undergoing maintenance or are otherwise unavailable. With accelerated compute-intensive workloads through single VM GPU access, they exist CPU pinning support and NUMA topology passthrough. The important consideration of data protection is addressed with offline and online disk snapshots.

The most recent version also includes SR-IOV support for high performance networks and Multus support for multiple networks…

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