Clumio reduces costs for anti-ransomware SecureVault with cheaper version – Blocks…


AWS Cloud Protector Clumio has lowered the cost of its virtual air-gap SecureVault with a SecureVault Lite version that is 30 percent cheaper.

SecureVault protects AWS backups by storing them outside of the customer’s own AWS account, with copies that are immutable and cannot be deleted. This keeps malicious actors and their malware at bay in a logical or virtual air gap and is part of the Clumio Protect product suite. SecureVault Lite works the same as SecureVault, but at a lower cost and only for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes.

Pujan Kumar.

Poojan Kumar, CEO and co-founder of Clumio, issued a statement: “With the increasing threat of ransomware and insider attacks on organizations’ mission-critical data in the cloud, implementing a cloud data protection strategy that includes air-gapped, immutable backups is critical.” supplies have become table stakes. In fact, cyber insurance companies are now assessing risk based on whether organizations…

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